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"As a former elite athlete and chairman of a large non-profit sports youth development organization, I find Friendly-Fit to be a great resource for our community. Covid-19 temporarily shut down most of our programming for our 10,000 boys and girls and I look forward to integrating Friendly-Fit into their daily routine to keep them healthy and socially stimulated. This is truly a revolutionary concept merging a social community with staying fit!"

- Jesse Jantzen (Former NCAA Wrestling Champion for Harvard University, Freestyle Wrestling World Champion and Vice Chairman of Beat the Streets National)

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"I am ecstatic to have found a platform that will encourage me to keep my
workouts both scheduled and motivated. In these unprecedented times,
it's easy to throw in the towel, but with the support of Friendly-Fits
kind users, I feel inspired and ready for what each day brings... Thank
you so much Friendly-Fit for being such a valuable training resource.

- Jim Davolio (Retired NYPD Sergeant)

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"Being in the office all day long, it is super easy to get out of shape.  With Friendly-Fit, I can find some exercises to do in my home or some in-between Zoom calls. I also like how they keep us up to date on health-related content so I can feel better to get through my week. I look forward to seeing the Friendly-Fit community grow and seeing the positive impact it will have on its members."


- DJ Dashti (CEO of Workville NYC)

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"As a teacher, Friendly Fit is so ideal for my classroom!  Covid has been really isolating for both myself and for my students. I love that both my in-person students and remote learners can participate in these fun, easy, and healthy activities at the same time. Friendly Fit is such a great way to build community and provide fun movement breaks in between all of the screen time that learning in 2021 demands. "


- Andrea Scarcella (3rd Grade Teacher, Portledge School)

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"I love that [this] project addresses a very current issue that affects society and impacts the health of our new generation. Technology tools like Friendly-Fit have become overly important in times of COVID and will remain to be necessary after the pandemic, as society has changed and interactive systems like this will be part of our new normal going forward. I salute you for the initiative and, as a non-social-media user, I'm happy to find a platform that allows me to interact with my family and friends without having the extra burden of being overwhelmed by the amount of unnecessary information and advertising that comes with social media."


- Maria Forni Cohelo (LLM Student, NYU Law School)

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"The website is user-friendly, inviting to all, and organized for anyone to find exactly what they are looking for! Throughout the pandemic, many people have been experiencing an increase in screen time. This website provides assistance and guidance for keeping moving and remaining healthy despite new challenges presented! Specifically, I find the sample workouts and the video recordings extremely helpful, as they both introduce and demonstrate new exercises. I enjoy that the website can be beneficial to those working out their entire life or those who are just getting started! I also appreciate the many resources and links provided in the research tab. When the pandemic hit, I did not renew my gym membership, but now with Friendly Fit, I have all the tools I need right in my home!  I am so excited to try the workouts provided and create a group with other Portledge faculty members!"


- Brendan Sullivan (Middle School Teacher & Coach, Portledge School)

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"...I would definitely take advantage of the friends and family group option.  I have many friends who love pilates, yoga, and weight training.  Creating our own group, with a regular exercise schedule, would help keep us motivated and enthusiastic.  I also have a friend who teaches dance who might enjoy submitting videos, as well."


- Janice Groden (Middle School Teacher, Portledge School)

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