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The Friendly-Fit Experience!

Are you a teacher that wants to encourage your students to be more fit and active? 


Maybe you're a trainer that can't find a good way to connect with your trainees?


If that's the case,

then Friendly-Fit is the solution to your problem!

When you join Friendly-Fit, you can create your own workout group communities and encourage each other to stay active and exercise!  And why not join? It's completely free!


A desk or an office doesn't have to be an inactive space - with Friendly-Fit you can turn any space into an active and healthy zone!

As a Friendly-Fit member, you can take advantage of:

- our exercise video library

- upload your own videos

- share videos from YouTube

- or use other sources within your groups!

So what are you waiting for?

Join us and become a #GAMECHANGER today!

Who Doesn't Like to Work Out With Friends and Family!

Not a teacher or trainer? 


But you still want to create a fitness group with your friends and family? 

No problem! You can join Friendly-Fit for free and motivate your friends and family to stay healthy and fit.  Just set up your own group and invite everyone to join. It's that simple!

Our Mission

Our mission is to get people moving!  Your desk, your home and your office don't have to be inactive spaces! You can turn them into active spaces by taking a few minutes a day to exercise. With Friendly-Fit, you can exercise and exchange experiences with your friends!  It's so important to stay active - especially children.  Exercise helps people sleep better, takes away stress and keeps people positive.  It also prevents obesity, heart disease and diabetes.  So let's get moving!

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