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Meet The Portledge

Royal Panthers 22112

We are a Middle School robotics team from Portledge School and our names are Avery, Bryce, Blake, Costa, Joshua, Niko and Skylar.  

Last year, we were a rookie team and we couldn't believe it when we won a Champion's Award!  This year, we are excited to be GAME CHANGERS! 


We have new team members and we are a fully-remote team.  That has come with its challenges, but we make the most of it and always make sure to have fun and lots of laughs on our Zoom calls!


One of the biggest problems we have all faced as students during quarantine and with our virtual classes is the fact that we spend a lot of time in front of our screens and not enough time being active.  And our teachers are having a hard time keeping all of their students motivated and encouraging them to stay fit.  With our Innovation Project, we hope to solve this problem!

INTRODUCING OUR WEBSITE .... FRIENDLY-FIT!  Friendly-Fit is the perfect solution for motivating students to stay active and fit TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY!

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